Adding your treatment details to your CancerAid profile not only helps you document all your prescribed treatments, but also lets you find out accurate medical information to assist with your decision making.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend entering your Treatment details in conjunction with your clinician or doctor.

1. On the profile home screen, tap the ‘Treatment’ tab to select.
2. To start adding your treatment information, hit the ‘Add a treatment’ button.
3. Select which of the treatment options are relevant to you by tapping on the row. You can add as many as required.


4. Find your specific treatment type either by using the search field or by scrolling. Once found tap to select.
5. Now save the Treatment type to your profile by tapping the ‘Add to my treatments’ button.
6. You can use this module of the App to inform yourself about important details relating to your treatments including complications and side effects. You can read and browse at any time by tapping the ‘Read more’ or selecting the arrows to reveal further details.


Once you have saved your treatment, you are then able to configure the side-effects and complications that are relevant to you.

7. In conjunction with your clinician or doctor, tap each ‘Likely’ to adjust the likelihood of the complication being relevant to your situation.
8. Select from the four options to update the likelihood of any complication occurring, tap on the row to update.
9. Then with your clinician or doctor, check the boxes alongside any complications which you are or have experienced. These can be updated as you Cancer journey progresses.


10. Once completed, you can view a summary page showing your treatment details. To add more treatments select ‘Add a treatment’ to repeat the process.


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