Trish’s Story

The mole my husband found on his arm at 34 looked so tiny and insignificant. Neither he nor I realised [...]

Sashie’s Story

“Humans are generally a resilient bunch when we have to be,” says Dr Sashie Howpage. If anyone knows this to [...]

Brent’s Story

With over 8 million people dying worldwide from cancer every year, the field of cancer, or oncology, research is one [...]

Mark’s Story

I started my career as a radiation therapist eight years ago at Royal Prince Alfred but for the last four [...]

Lyn’s Story

In June 2012 my husband Fred was diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma of the kidney. 18 months later, aged just [...]

Leila’s Story

Living with her sister in Sydney’s fashionable Newtown, Leila is an artist and works for a stationary company. She’s very [...]