How to set up your CancerAid profile

To get the most out of the CancerAid app you will first need to setup and complete your My Cancer Profile. Follow our quick step by step guide to get underway.

How to add your Cancer treatment information

Find out how to easily add your treatment details to your CancerAid profile. By using the treatment module, you can record what treatments you have been prescribed as well as accessing medically accurate information to assist with your decision making.

How to manage your symptoms

Document your Cancer symptoms, treatment side-effects and medication effectiveness with the CancerAid Symptoms module. We have compiled an illustrated guide to get you started.

How to create an Entry in your CancerAid journal

In your personal journal, you can write text entries or record videos/audios about your Cancer journey, documenting your experiences and keeping track of your progress and milestones. Read our quick guide on how to start writing and recording your entries.