Document your Cancer symptoms, treatment side-effects and medication effectiveness with the CancerAid Symptoms module.

1. Select the book icon on the bottom menu to open the ‘My Journal’ module of the CancerAid app.
2. Make sure the Symptoms tab is highlighted blue (meaning its selected). If not tap to select. Then hit the ‘+’ sign in the top right to add a new symptom.
3. To select your first symptom, tap the ‘Choose Symptom’ menu bar.


4. Tap to select the symptom you have experienced or are experiencing. Use the ‘Other’ option to record symptoms not on the list.
5. Once you have selected your symptom, use the slider to record its severity.
6. You can add text notes to further document your symptom, such as the duration, character and location. Once completed, press the ‘Add symptom’ button to save.


7. Once you have saved your symptom, you can record if you have taken any medication to treat that symptom and how effective that medication was. To do this tap on the row of your saved symptom record.
8. Then select the ‘Add Medication Effectiveness’ button.
9. To record the medication’s name, simply tap into the ‘Medication Name’ text box to activate the cursor and keyboard.


10. Once you have filled in the medication name, use the slider to record its effectiveness.
11. You can add text notes to further document your dose, duration of relief and effectiveness. Once completed, press the ‘Add Medication’ button to save.
12. After saving, you will see a summary of your symptom and the medication taken. To edit this record select ‘Edit’ in the top right.


13. You can keep adding more records as required and build up a complete picture of your ongoing symptoms. Simply return to the symptoms home page and hit the ‘+’ again to add another. Note that the previous symptom to which you added a Medication Effectiveness record, now has a pill symbol added to the row to identify it.


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