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Cancer Profile

Store all your cancer and diagnostic information in one place, personalised to you and easy to access when needed.

Treatment Information

Access medically accurate peer reviewed information, learn about your recommended treatments and make informed decisions.

Symptoms Journal

Track and manage your symptoms, medications and their effectiveness with the CancerAid Symptoms Journal.

Personal Journal

Document and record your Cancer journey, experiences and progress with the text and video journal.

Community Newsfeed

Connect with others going through similar experiences and keep up to date with cancer news and research.

Cancer Research

Choose to participate in Cancer Research and help advance new medical knowledge for future generations.


Whichever specialist you visit or hospital you have an appointment at, I have my personalised cancer information easily at hand.
Anon. CancerAid User
Searching Google for cancer information left me frustrated but having CancerAid on hand let me find details easily that were relevant to my situation.
Matt, Melbourne
CancerAid allowed me to take control of my medical records and my life at the time I needed it the most.
Sarah, Sydney
I like the fact it provided a simple place to record all the information I got given by my doctor, plus gave me an outlet to talk about the emotions and side-effects I was experiencing.
Amita, San Francisco


At CancerAid we are always releasing new updates, here are some of the new features that will be coming soon.


Nominate family, friends or members of your medical team as your Champions. Champions can view aspects of your CancerAid profile so they can monitor your progress, follow your journey, provide advice and support.


Learn about cancer specialists, their specific interests and published material. All your Specialist contact details will be available in one place and the dynamic referral portal will allow you and your Champions to refer to cancer services with ease.

Cancer Rehab
Research has proven that rehabilitation is critical for optimal cancer outcomes. The Rehab module will let you record your prescribed activities, set targets and successfully manage your physical and emotional wellbeing.
Set and manage nutrition goals in conjunction with your clinicians, ensuring you stay motivated to keep healthy. Keep track of your physical assessments, meal plans, personalised nutrition program and weight data.
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